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Freedom Engine is currently in Frozen Beta for the remainder of 2013.
The ability to upgrade an account is unavailble during this time.
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For amazing "Write Once Deploy Anywhere" game creation technology that allows you to quickly, easily and professionally create games across desktop and mobile platforms, look no further than
App Game Kit

To create 3D games for windows using a friendly BASIC style language, check out Dark Basic Professional and Dark Game Studio

Love FPS games? For an amazingly easy way to create your very own shooter by simply placing down pieces and working visually, head to FPS Creator

For young aspiring creators, take a look at 3D Gamemaker

FREE to use

10 Megs of free storage for your projects

Code in the cloud

Access your projects from anywhere, just log-in and continue coding.

Web based IDE

A highly integrated editor for coding and media asset management.

Cross platform

Your games will work online in HTML5 or natively on iOS, Android, Windows and Mac.

Game commands

A host of easy to use gaming commands. Sprites, 3D, sound, music, collision, input and many more.

Easy to learn BASIC

Everyone can learn this easy to code scripting language.

Free your creativity

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